Leaving on a jet plane!

June 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

I sure hope that my plane and flight attendants look like this!

So, as you might have guessed from the title of this post, I’m leaving for Japan tomorrow! I’ll be flying from Phoenix to LA, LA to Tokyo, switching airports in Tokyo, and then Tokyo to Okinawa. I leave Thursday morning Arizona time and arrive in Okinawa Friday night Japan time.

I’m going to try to sleep from LA to Tokyo so that I’m not a crabby pants when I finally see Bryan in Okinawa! I have so much packing to do, mainly because I haven’t even started packing yet. I’m not planning to bring a whole lot, but I have a bunch of books that I want to bring to do some law school prep over the summer, and those can get pretty heavy. I really need to call the airline/go online to figure out how many bags I can bring! But in characteristic-Jenna fashion, I am leaving everything to the last minute! Aside from packing, today I also have to go sign a Power of Attorney document so that my mom can sell my car and lease an apartment for me in Boston, visit Ilalia and baby Tyson, and see a documentary about religion (I think) over at Noah’s house.

Bryan has been pretty busy as well…I just got off the phone with him and he was about to go to bed. He’ll call me again this afternoon (his Thursday morning) when he wakes up, after which he’ll be taking a cab to the NEW HOUSE to meet the furniture delivery people. The military is going to loan him some furniture until his delivery arrives/he can buy his own furniture. We have some furniture of our own that has been shipped over, but not enough to fill an entire house (pics of the house to come soon!). So we’ll be doing a lot of shopping for the house while we are there. Apparently furniture is pretty cheap (because it’s made in Vietnam, which I hear is close to Japan), so we’re going to try to get some nice pieces that we’ll be able to use in our next house (hopefully in DC…more on that later as well!).

Bryan also purchased a car from a dealer in Okinawa, but so far he doesn’t actually have possession of it. He paid the dealer to take care of the Japanese registration and everything for him, and it has taken much longer than he hoped for to get that all taken care of. He’s getting pretty annoyed as a matter of fact, and I think if the car is not ready tomorrow, he’s going to ask for his money back and buy something else. I’d be pretty annoyed too if I had to take cabs everywhere I went for 2 weeks!

As far as my move to Boston, I still have a lot to take care of. My mom and Kelly are flying to Boston this weekend to find me an apartment. I found 2 roommates on facebook who seem great, so now all I have to do is find the apartment. I really don’t want to move again for 3 years, so it has to be a great apartment! I also finally posted the advertisement on Craigslist to sell my car (if you know anyone who is interested in a 2005 Toyota Corolla S, let me know!). The money is going to come in really handy, because HLS won’t be handing out financial aid checks until the first week in September!

We won’t have the internets in the house until June 12, but I will try to post an update from some computer on base. Wish me luck in my next big adventure!!


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