1 week…

July 27, 2009 § Leave a comment

I can’t believe it’s true, but I only have 1 week left in paradise with my man. The time here has passed so quickly. We have built a beautiful home here and seen so many incredible things. While we have been very adventurous on the weekends, setting out almost every weekend to see a new part of the island or experience something different, during the week I have had ample opportunity to relax and prepare for law school. As soon as I get back to AZ, I’ll be heading off to Boston to get settled before orientation starts. I will be so busy that I’ll have fewer chances to be homesick and miss Bryan, which we think will help with the long-distance thing and will hopefully make the time until Thanksgiving, when I am planning to come back to Okinawa, pass more quickly. We are also setting up an elaborate communication system involving Skype, a webcam, and many, many emails, text messages, IMs, and morning wake-up calls. So if any of you are worried about how we will make it through this, don’t be–we aren’t!

Over the next week, I hope to:

  • Go snorkeling in Sunabe
  • Finally find some delicious sushi here (no luck so far)
  • Relax with Bryan and enjoy every last moment we have together
  • Buy souvenirs (shisa dogs and a calendar of Okinawa for crossing off the days)

Well, off to study and wait for Bryan to get home from work! For all of you who live in AZ, I’ll be home August 3 and then off to Boston August 7!!


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