Quick Updates

August 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

-My new roommates have arrived and settled in. We now have a full house! I like not being alone here anymore, having someone to talk to, commiserate with, etc. This house finally feels like a home!

-Orientation starts on Friday. Harvard’s schedule for orientation doesn’t seem very full. We have some meetings with our section, some lunches and dinners, tours of campus and Boston, and a welcome reception on Monday night before class starts on Tuesday. I will try to post a daily update of each day of orientation. Some might be shorter than others.

-Oh yeah, and there are also bar nights scheduled for every single night of orientation. One of the places, I hear, is famous for its Scorpion Bowls, which are giant bowls of liquor with a tiny scorpion at the bottom. Teams race to drink the liquor through straws and get to the scorpion. Sounds to me like law school is just like undergrad, except people are actually 21. I will be partaking very judiciously in these events.

-3 of my professors have assigned assignments so far. In torts, I have an orientation assignment and 38 pages of reading for the first day of class. Not so bad. In property, I have two cases to read, but they are in the Supplement, which isn’t available until Wednesday. Great. In Legal Research & Writing (LRW), I had 4 really short articles to read. So far, I’ve read the articles for LRW and the torts orientation assignment.

-My major beef with Harvard right now is that lack of a centralized system for disseminating information about our assignments. We have to check like 3 different places to find out if, or what, we have. Some have emailed, some of sent out course announcements that we have to find on myHLS (which is a pain to log in to), and some have just posted them on the Course Website, which is also on myHLS. How about 1 email, sent to everyone in the section, with all of the assignments? That shouldn’t be too tough…just make each professor send their assignment, if they are assigning one, by a specific day, and then have an intern compile the assignments into a section-wide email. On the other hand, maybe they are just testing our ingenuity by making assignment finding into a scavenger hunt.

-On the exercise front, my roommate and I have a goal to make it to the gym every morning by 6:30 am. We have been experimenting by going to the gym in the morning together, though not as early as 6:30. We even sprinted all the way to the gym one morning to make it to a spinning class. Great success making it there in time, no success in remembering a water bottle. We are also planning to run a 5K in September. Yay for non-law school related goals!

-Last night I experimented with making a giant batch of oatmeal in my crockpot. Irish steel cut oats, water, brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, dried fruit, and nuts = tasty breakfast for over a week. I just put it in the crockpot and woke up to the delicious smell…now I just need to seek if it lasts for 7 more days (made 8 servings, I already ate 1 of them).

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