I Don’t Suck at Life!

August 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

So, this being the last week of freedom before law school starts, I have had a lot of time on my hands. Having free time, for me, generally means more of an opportunity for the OCD/Type A aspects of my personality to kick in. These personality traits lurk deep within, generally masked by my absent mindedness and pleasure seeking instincts, but when I have free time I am known to become a bit obsessive about self-improvement.

This summer, this tendency of mine has been manifested in my mental linkage of success in law school to success in life in general. This basically means that I have convinced myself that the extent to which I eat tasty, nutritious meals that I have cooked myself, keep my finances under control, have a spotless, organized apartment, and exercise regularly will be correlated to how well I do academically this semester. This is probably because I feel that if I let things slide in one area of my life, I am more likely to let them slide in other areas of my life.

Here is a window on how my mind works: if I let my apartment get too messy, I am less likely to feel motivated to exercise, because it will be too difficult to find clean, appropriate workout clothes. If my finances disintegrate (as they have been known to do), I will not have money to go to the grocery store and buy healthy food to cook. And let’s be honest–very few people like to study. As a future section-mate commented to me, computers are temptresses, and I have been known to succumb to the temptation of the Internets when I should be studying way too many times.

But this summer has been different. Without a job, and with no real obligations until school starts, I have been able to obsess over law school, read up on the courses I will be taking, read a couple of books I have been meaning to get to for a long time (non-law school related), spend quality time with my boyfriend, and explore a foreign country. I have also moved from Phoenix to Boston, set up a new apartment, gotten settled in, explored my new city, and organized myself for the upcoming school year.

Through all this, I have been able to exercise more or less regularly (especially since I got settled in here in Boston). I have been running around campus, have checked out Hemenway Gym, and have even taken two group exercise classes on campus. The first was spinning, which I really enjoyed–the class was loud and boisterous, I sweated buckets, and I really dig the visualization aspect of it. The second was Pilates, and judging by how sore my abs are today, I will definitely be going back. I really need to strengthen my core so that I don’t end up a hunchback by the end of this year! In addition, I have been cooking almost all of my meals with food purchased from the Union Square farmers’ market, Whole Foods, and the Star Market next door.

On the finance front, I am pretty heavily in debt, but thankfully very little of my debt is credit card debt. My credit score leaves much to be desired, but I’m working on it. I transferred my Arizona retirement money (around $11,000) into an IRA to be managed by a financial planner, who is also going to oversee my student loan money and help me invest and budget my meager living allowance. I signed up for Mint, a personal finance website that allows me to track and budget all of my money, allowing me to review my checking, savings, credit card, and student loan accounts all on one page and providing many tools to assist with budgeting.

And today I used my last monies before student loan checks come out to go buy a new outfit for orientation! I was able to get a dress, cardigan, belt, and shoes for under $150. I’ll take some pictures tomorrow before I head off to orientation and post them when I get a chance.

So all of this is to say that I am feeling really, really good right now. I am as ready for law school to start as I ever will be. Tonight I meet most of the students in my section, and tomorrow is the first day of orientation. Classes start Tuesday. I already have a pretty heavy schedule of reading, and I want to tackle all of it by Sunday. I know there were many who doubted that I would ever go to law school after my years of indecision and seeming procrastination. What to some seemed like dawdling, though, was really the best decision I ever made. Yes, I am entering law school at pretty much the worst time, economically speaking, possible. But if I hadn’t had the opportunity to teach, I wouldn’t have had the single-minded focus that I have now on becoming a child advocate. If I hadn’t met Bryan, and had the chance to live with him for almost a year while teaching for a third year, I wouldn’t be starting this adventure with my best friend and rock there to support me through the tough times. Even if he is thousands of miles away, Bryan always makes me feel so secure. He listens to me, understands me, gives me advice, and helps me make decisions. Bryan, if you’re reading this–I love you and I am so glad that I didn’t listen to you when you told me not to defer law school 🙂

So it’s time. I know who I am. I know why I am here. I know what I have to do. And I am ready to blow this place away. Welcome to Harvard.


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  • You inspire me. I am excited to follow you through your first year at HLS. You encourage me to keep fighting the beauracracies of the public school system as a high school Creative Writing teacher, and aim high for law school next fall. 🙂

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