Friday the 13th

November 13, 2009 § Leave a comment

13 has always been my lucky number. I can’t necessarily point to anything specific that makes it my lucky number, but I’ve just always felt that way. I’ve never had any negative feelings about Friday the 13th.

Today didn’t start well. Months ago, in an attempt to protect my old Macbook (circa 2006, which apparently makes it old), I covered it with a clear plastic shell. But this clear plastic shell has made my computer overly heavy, so in an effort to de-bulk I tried to pry the shell off. Piece of advice: DO NOT cover your computer in an INCASE plastic shell. Removal = unnecessarily dangerous. I felt like a meth addict compulsively picking at their skin–once I started trying to remove it, and realized I couldn’t get it off, I began to panic and try to force it off. Which led to the picture above.

So when I realized that, for absolutely no reason, I had ruined my Macbook, I started to cry. And then I couldn’t find a ponytail holder to get my hair out of my eyes, which made me feel even more irritated and out of control (I know, it sounds crazy).

And the worst part was, that even after I saw what I was doing to the computer screen, I COULDN’T STOP trying to get the case off. I literally got a butter knife, and pried and pried until it finally popped off. I’m pretty sure I ruined my computer in the process.

LITERALLY 2 minutes later (2!), I received an email with this subject line: “Computer Advance Request Check Available.” I had requested a computer loan from HLS financial aid to get a newer, lighter, faster Macbook Pro, and I was going to give my Macbook to Bryan, who currently only has a little netbook, which is totally insufficient for his photography needs. So minutes after I ruined my computer I found out that my check will be available today at 3:00 pm.

Then, I received a phone call from someone that I had been putting off calling, regarding a case that I am working on with the Tenant Advocacy Project. Short story, I’m representing someone in a housing matter and needed a 30-day extension on a request I had made to the housing authority, and found out that I got it today. Big weight off my shoulders.

Then, I found out that my rent check had bounced by like $5. I emailed my landlord, and he said it was totally fine and that I could just mail him a money order to cover it, no problem. He also said he was going to fix our dryer, which takes 2 cycles to dry anything.

So a lot of things have gone wrong today in about the span of an hour. And, almost immediately, each of them has resolved and will probably turn out better than it would have if it hadn’t gone wrong at all.

The day is early, but I’m thinking about buying a lottery ticket.


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