November 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

After flying for 24 hours straight, from Boston to Newark to Tokyo to Okinawa, I have arrived back in Japan.

At HLS we actually only have Wednesday-Friday off for Thanksgiving, but I was at a party talking to a friend who is from Miami, and he told me that he was just going to take off the entire week to make it more worth his while. He didn’t seem phased about missing class at all. And one thing that is true about me is that I am VERY easily persuaded to skip class when I feel, as an adult capable of making rational choices and not very susceptible to fear of authority, that I have a legitimate reason for missing. I am prepared to accept responsibility for my choices and, if I have a less than clear understanding of the Erie doctrine because I missed 2 days of civpro, so be it.

On the up side, I am 1) with my fiance! (need I say more about that?) and 2) completely free to work on my final legal memo without any silly distractions like, oh I don’t know, class. And reading. And law school in general. Often, I find that law school gets in the way of my real legal education 🙂 So many scheduling obligations = not enough time to actually study.

So the plan for the next week is to:

  • Finish my memo and submit it electronically by the Wed. 5 pm deadline (Thurs. 7 am for me).
  • Finish as much as I can of my outlines so that I am ready to start taking practice tests (only 2 weeks or so until finals!!)
  • Read 2 non-school books (The Time Traveler’s Wife and Liberty’s Blueprint, which I think will be helpful for my class on “Constitution and the International Order(The)“* with notorious genius professor Noah Feldman).
  • Enjoy my time and Thanksgiving with Bryan! I have a lot to be thankful for this year 🙂

*Have I mentioned my amusement at awkward usage of the article “the” in course titles, college names, etc.? See, e.g., The George Washington University, The Ohio State University


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