Blotchy Face

March 20, 2010 § Leave a comment

After a magical week and beginning to our marriage, I’m experiencing a bit of deja vu right now. I’m back in the airport in Naha, about to board a flight to Tokyo. The deja vu stems from having to say goodbye to Bryan yet again, though this time I’m saying goodbye to my husband, which makes it easier and harder at the same time. The goodbye is usually the same–Bryan takes me to the airport, we check me in, and then spend about an hour waiting outside security before I run through at the last minute, right as my flight is boarding. I’m usually not too emotional until the split second I have to say goodbye to Bryan. Something about actually peeling myself away from him, breaking that invisible tie that binds us together, and walking away is just so difficult, and it gets harder for me every time. I cry, turn red and blotchy, kiss him a hundred times, and then take a deep breath and walk away. I never go back, but I do look back many, many times, not letting him out of my sight until the last second possible. I am really looking forward to the last of these separations.

This trip back to the U.S. I will be spending the night in a hotel near the Tokyo airport, because my flight to the U.S. isn’t until tomorrow morning. I’m excited to get a good night’s sleep, because I think I will wake up refreshed and clearheaded. Right now I feel exhausted, physically and emotionally. I miss my husband and I don’t want to go back to law school, where only stress and work awaits me. But I just have to get through 6 more weeks until I will be done with 1L year and in Hawaii with Bryan–we are meeting up there in May after my semester is over. Bryan is going to be there TDY (an Air Force business trip), and I will be meeting him and spending my days on the beach with my Kindle while he is working. It’s going to be a mini-honeymoon for us, but I won’t count it as our real honeymoon because that wouldn’t be fair to Bryan, who has to work. We are definitely planning to go on a real honeymoon after the big wedding, whenever that turns out to be…among the contenders are Thailand, Maui, and the Caribbean. Bryan is humoring me with a beach honeymoon, despite the fact that he doesn’t actually like the beach. I have an amazing husband, in so many ways 🙂

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