May 1, 2010 § Leave a comment

It’s finals period now, and one of my goals this period is to relax and not stress too much about it. My daily routine includes waking up, having breakfast, trying to get studying by 9 or 10 am, and studying more or less until 10:00 pm. Unfortunately for me, I think I have a mild version of adult ADD, because I am physically incapable of concentrating on *law* for that many hours a day.

Solution? Planned mini-breaks! I set the timer on my iPhone for 50 minutes, and I am not allowed to get up (unless I have to use the ladies’ room), check email, facebook, Twitter, my Google Reader, etc. until the timer goes off. The only glitch is that I then do all of those things for at least 20 minutes before I set the timer again. New goal: keep it to ten minutes of goofing off, so that for every hour, I am focusing for 5/6 of it.

I also have set larger breaks for meals and the gym. And then I quit around 10:00 pm and let myself watch a movie or TV show on my laptop.

Since my first final isn’t until next Wednesday, I feel like I’m in a strange sort of limbo right now, where I know I should be studying a lot, but I don’t have that “OMG MY FINAL IS TOMORROW SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN CRIM LAW TO ME NOW” feeling. I’m sure that will come soon 🙂

The good news: this, too, shall pass. I will get through this and then finals will be a distant memory. The better news: May 13, the day after my last final, I will be on a plane, in a cushy first-class set to HAWAII!! Yep, Bryan has a business trip and I’m accompanying him. Thank you Uncle Sam! (Well, Uncle Sam is paying for the hotel, not the flights or anything like that).

In other news: Bryan and I have scheduled to have our engagement pictures taken while we’re in Honolulu! Our AMAZING photographers, The Sloans, recommended Natalie Norton to us, and she responded so quickly and we booked her right up. I can’t wait for our shoot! Although it is kind of interesting to me that our relationship has gone like this :

Dating –> engaged –> engagement party –> marriage –> engagement pictures –> bridal shower –> bachelorette party (#2) –> wedding

My sister says that as long as I don’t try to sneak a baby somewhere in there, I’m fine.

Anyways, gotta study!

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