Ever Ours: Man Candy

December 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is my sexy man looking like Santa Claus while he shaves in the men’s locker room. This was right before he got kicked out of there, in a move that really pissed me off. Silverleaf, our venue, a country club which my parents are members of, told us that we were not allowed to use their BEAUTIFUL locker rooms to get ready in. Now I understand them not wanting a huge hoard of giddy wedding partiers ruining the experience of the other members…but come on. The actually getting ready part, and the accompanying shots, just look so much better in the locker rooms. I am annoyed that I didn’t break the rules and do my dressing in the divine locker room. Especially since I’ve seen multiple other brides who did just that. Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box now.

Bryan says this is his favorite picture from the wedding of himself. I think he looks very handsome.
I’m pretty sure Bryan does not like this picture, but I bet that’s only because the oversize shirt makes him look bigger than he is. I’ve been trying to get him to wear smaller sizes lately, and I think he’s coming around.
I really wanted some cool argyle socks for the groomsmen, but we couldn’t find any in our wedding colors (come on–are lemon and wine really that strange?), but I did eventually find these burgundy socks. Unfortunately, I don’t think we ever got a shot of all the groomsmen with their shoes and socks.
I love this shot of our custom wedding Converse sneakers. We got these for the groomsmen as gifts, and I think they got a chuckle from our wedding guests when the groomsmen walked down the aisle.


The men got ready in a sort of man cave with a pool table, bar, darts, etc. Very nice.

I love the ties. And the suspenders. Very glad we skipped the vests.

Ooohh. Artistic-y.

More sexy. Okay I’ll stop now.
Next up: the bride getting into her dress, and our first look.

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