25 Weeks!

February 9, 2012 § Leave a comment

How far along? 25 weeks (and 6 days, at the time of writing this)

Maternity Clothes? Yep! That’s all I’ve been wearing for awhile now.
Stretch Marks? Not yet! I think this is because I used to weigh approx. what I weigh now at 6 months pregnant. I lost the weight by going Paleo shortly before pregnancy, so maybe my skin has a lot of elasticity from the weight changes?
Sleep? Okay so far. I sleep with a body pillow, pee once a night, and switch sides a few times a night. The main disrupter is the cat, who loves to chew on plastic or mess with bags on the floor while I sleep.
Best Moment this Week: The round ligament pain and sciatica I had last week is gone this week. I credit stretching, yoga, massage, and chiropractic care. I’m still doing Crossfit, and as long as I am very careful, so far so good.
Miss anything? Being able to do everything I want at Crossfit. I miss being able to compete with the best athletes in my class!
Movement: Yes, but not a ton. My placenta is anterior (meaning, it’s on the front of my uterus instead of the back), so when he kicks he often kicks into the placenta and I don’t feel it. I feel him kick on my left side quite a bit when he’s in the right position, or when he’s breach. It feels like he switches positions pretty often.
Food Cravings? Not really. Last week I was craving tacos and salty chips a lot, but I’m trying to keep my diet pretty clean this week. I’m also trying to ignore my sugar (fruit, almond butter, larabar) cravings, but it’s hard because those are my only snacks that are frequently on hand.
Anything make you queasy or sick? I had a half glass of wine a few nights during my sister’s graduation celebration in San Diego, and I found that it made me a touch queasy.
Gender: BOY!
Labor Signs: None. Thank goodness šŸ™‚ Got a ways to go!
Symptoms: This week I feel like I did at the beginning of my 2nd trimester. Energetic, not waddling too much, pretty mobile. It’s a huge change from last week, when I was feeling pain in my lower pelvis and round ligaments and such bad sciatic pain that I was paralyzed one night. I have been very proactive about stretching often, keeping up with my prenatal yoga, and getting frequent massages and chiropractic adjustments, and I think it’s working! I have some swelling in my ankles, but it’s not too bad yet. I’m trying to drink tons of water, pregnancy tea, and hydration drink (special recipe from my midwife)
Belly Button In or Out? In. I doubt it will ever pop out–isn’t that for skinny girls?
Wedding Rings On or Off? On. Thought they are starting to feel a touch tighter.
Happy or Moody Most of the Time? Happy! Except for missing Bryan, I’m very happy with this relaxing little routine I have here in Arizona.
Looking Forward To: Entering my third trimester! I know it will be harder and more painful than the 2nd has been, but it also means our little boy will be arriving soon.

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