2 Months!

July 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

Felix was two months old yesterday!

Here are his stats:

Weight: 13 lbs, 94th percentile (CDC)
Length: 23 in, 76th percentile (CDC)
Clothing Size: 3-6 months

Unfortunately, mommy is trying to lose the baby weight so we didn’t make a 2-month birthday cake. And for anyone out there who is reading this who doesn’t have children–yes, every “month birthday” counts as a birthday when you have a baby. It’s just more fun that way!

If I had to choose, I would say the theme of Felix’s second month has been routine. We’ve finally been developing some routines, and it makes mommyhood so much more enjoyable! I think Felix appreciates it too.

We love how much Felix smiles. Since birth Felix has been such a happy, sweet baby. He is so quick to flash a huge grin, especially when mommy comes into his nursery in the morning to wake him up. I cherish those moments when he grins so big at me, happy to see me after a long night of sleep.

Felix also has the “Bouchard half-smile” down pat–his Daddy makes the exact same face!

Felix is getting to be such a little man–he looks so cute sitting up in his Bumbo seat! Of course after we realized he could sit up in this seat, we had to buy the snack tray so he can start playing with his toys in the seat. He doesn’t actually pick much toys yet, but he looks at them and is starting to getting interested!

Felix’s centerfold pose! I just love watching him sleep, it’s almost a shame that we’ve transitioned him to his crib. I’m all for co-sleeping, but Felix actually sleeps much better in a dark, quiet room. He sleeps worse when he’s with me than he does when he’s in his crib!

I love his stretchy poses!

Felix is not a huge fan of tummy time yet, but we’re working on it. He can lift his head a few inches, but doesn’t always try to. He can only stomach tummy time for a few minutes! (Did you see what I did there?)

Felix has so many different faces–this is his inquisitive look! He’s looking up at the toys on his playmat arch.

Likes: bath time, his Lamaze toys, when mommy sings to him, baby massage time, being unswaddled in the morning, and making faces at anyone who wants to play

Dislikes: the ocean, being tired or hungry, when his meal is over (this is a big one–he cries every time!)

Tender moments: Our morning routine–first, around 6:00 am or whenever Felix wakes up, I unswaddle Felix and smile big at him, and he always smiles back and acts so happy to see me. Then I change his diaper and continue to talk and make faces with him. Then we settle into his rocker to feed and then read a book. After that, I take Felix into the kitchen and he sits in his bouncer (he loves to look at the birdies on the mobile) while I pump and drink my coffee. Then Felix gets to play! Play for a 2 month old means laying on his play mat and looking at toys, having mommy read him books, making faces with mommy, and tummy time (I don’t think Felix considers this play though). He also really likes to practice walking–I just hold him under his arms and he practices putting weight on his legs and jumping.

Our goal is to stay awake until 8:00 am for nap time, but Felix usually only makes it until 7:30 or so before he is ready to sleep. Putting Felix down for a nap is easy–I just swaddle him (not always–sometimes he can nap fine without a swaddle, but other times he surprises himself with his arms and wakes himself up), rock him while singing Twinkle Twinkle and You Are My Sunshine, and then set him in his crib when he’s drowsy.


Our week in Instagram photos!

July 14, 2012 § 1 Comment

sorry there are approximately 923 photos in this post…but i had a lot of catching up to do. these are all the photos from our recent 2 week trip to san diego! felix grew so much in such a short time–i truly feel like i’m watching him grow before my eyes. and i am officially a giant mommy cliche. 

Sleep at 7 weeks

July 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I think I’m starting to figure out this sleep thing–or Felix is, either one. Last night he slept from 9:00 pm to 4:45 am, without waking even once. The trick to getting Felix to sleep a long stretch like that is to swaddle him so that he can’t wake himself up with his flailing hands. I also leave the bedroom door cracked so that when I get up in the middle of the night to pump I make the minimal amount of noise possible.

Another little trick to helping Felix sleep through the night is something I picked up from the book Bringing up Bebe. Bringing up Bebe compares parenting in the U.S. with parenting in France, and gives some really great tips on how to parent without losing your self or making your life miserable. While this might sound more parent-centric than child-centric, I’ve found that many of the tips are really about helping your child to be more independent and healthy. The book says that French parents don’t immediately jump to pick their child up when they hear them stirring from sleep–they let them fuss for a few minutes and hopefully transition back into another sleep cycle. Felix and I are currently co-sleeping, but when I hear him fuss in the middle of thenight I just ignore him. If he is really hungry, he will start to cry, but if it’s just fussiness he drifts back into sleep without a hitch.

Day sleep has been a bigger problem for us. Since birth, Felix has required motion to really nap during the day. Whether that’s his Mamaroo, car seat, or while baby-wearing, as soon as the motion stopped, Felix would wake up. But yesterday I decided that his nap times with motion are too short–sometimes less than 1 hour–and I want him to start taking longer naps so that he’s more rested. So the new nap routine is:
-He wakes from a nap and I change his diaper and then feed him.
-We play, which mainly consists of looking at the toys hanging from his play mat, or me reading books to him.
-When I notice that he’s becoming more quiet or yawns, but before he gets fussy, I take him into a dark room, nurse him until he’s drowsy (eyes starting to close), and then swaddle him. If he’s still awake, I give him his pacifier and lay with him until he falls asleep.

I don’t swaddle him before nursing him because I like him to be able to feel the breast with his hands–I think it improves his nursing, which is still a work in progress.

My ultimate goal is for Felix to nap in his crib in a dark room. We’ll keep up the swaddling and pacifier as long as he needs it, but I’d like to be able to just lay him in his crib at some point and have him fall asleep. I think this will be the marker of a truly rested, well-adjusted baby…so that’s our goal.

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