3 Months!

August 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

Happy 3 Months little guy! You’re getting to be such a big boy!

It’s undeniable that you have the sweetest smile of all the babies.

You’re learning how to hold yourself up when you’re on you’re tummy!  You can actually stay on your tummy now for up to 5 minutes at a time before you get frustrated and want to switch over. Yesterday you picked up a toy and tried to put it in your mouth with one hand while you’re other hand held you up.

Your blue eyes slay me. 

Sometimes you smile and scrunch up your whole body at the same time, like you’re saying “Oh my gosh I just can’t take it I’m sooo happy!”

You’re my smiley little boy, what can I say.

You spend a lot of time playing on your play mat. You have favorite toys, like the winkel, Freddie the Firefly, and the weird little Panda that sings “Twinkle Twinkle” in a creepy voice. But you love it!

You’re always such a good boy in your car seat. You hardly ever cry! When we drove to San Diego, you slept almost the whole way and barely fussed towards the end.

I love how you use your little hands to prop you up during tummy time. 

You have so many different faces. I love your smiles, but I also love your calm contemplative face.

You went to San Diego a second time to see your Aunties Kelly and Kristen. They love you so much, I barely even get to hold you when they’re around. They help out so much!

We don’t have enough Mother-Son photos. We need to change that! One of my most favorite things is to wear you in a baby carrier. I’m a babywearing mama!

I also love to sneak into your room in the middle of the night and watch you sleep. Now that we’re barely swaddling you at all, I love to watch what you do with your arms when you’re sleeping. Sometimes when you’re ready for a feeding, we catch you sucking your fingers in your sleep.

You’re almost always a smiley boy in the morning–so happy to see your mama.

I love your little arms when you sleep like this.

Here is Auntie Kristen carrying you in the Mei Tai…you must have been hungry, because you’re sucking your fingers again.

We took you to the beach, but kept you in the shade the whole time. This picture was just a photo op! We also let you get nakey, and you loved that. Until you peed all over your little beach tent!

Auntie Kelly carried you in the Mei Tai too! This was at Target…you were so tired you finally fell asleep in your carrier.

Another of the rare Mommy-Son photos…I’m usually taking the pictures! 

Momma’s smiley boy.

Here you are, trying out your new hand coordination.

Bria and Caleb are Ilalia’s babies who were due on the same day as you, May 19. They were born a bit earlier than you, though. We went to visit them and couldn’t resist getting a picture of the babies together.

Tyson, Ilalia’s first born, wanted to get in on the photo action too.

I try to tempt you to crawl with toys, but so far it isn’t working.

You love your Sophie the Giraffe, but you have a hard time holding onto it for very long.

On our way to the airport for your big flight to New York. I dressed you up in your Dr. Seuss outfit and thought you looked so cute.

You were such a good boy on the plane–you didn’t even make a peep. 

I love carrying you in your baby sling..and you love looking around while you’re worn.

Sometimes we put you in silly outfits, and you look so cute. I love this little beret on you.

I took this photo when I snuck in to watch you sleep…I just can’t resist how sweet you look now that you’re unswaddled.

More morning smiles & giggles.

You love being nakey! If you’re getting a bit fussy at the end of the night, we just strip off your clothes and can buy at least another 15 minutes of happiness.

Weight: 16 lbs, 2 oz
Height: 24 in
Head: 16 in 
Size Clothing: 6-9 months (Edited: Grandma says 3-6 doesn’t fit Felix anymore!)
Likes: your middle of the night feeding (you are so content); making funny faces and noises with mommy; being carried upright (you don’t want to be held like a baby ever–you like to see the world); baths with mommy…water in general; being nakey; your nightly baby massage
Dislikes: when no one is paying attention to you; when you want to fit a toy in your mouth but it’s too big; tummy time after 5 minutes
Milestones: using your hands to hold toys; trying to put toys in your mouth; holding your head and torso up while you are on your tummy; tracking objects 180 degrees with your eyes; fit in the Ergo baby carrier without a newborn insert; rolled over to one side while on back; first giggles! Felix giggles when he’s tickled, or when someone is doing something very funny. I will throw a toy up in the air repeatedly while saying the ABCs, and that will sometimes elicit a giggle. 
This was our last month without Daddy, and we couldn’t be happier. Felix took two big trips–one to San Diego and one to New York to house hunt. We found our family’s first home together, in Ridgefield, Connecticut. We can’t wait to move back, settle in, and finally get to spend precious moments as a family together. I’m so looking forward to my time as a stay-at-home-Mom. I know I’ll be counting down the hours until Bryan comes home each night, and looking forward to the weekends when we can explore together. It’s been so long without Daddy and I can’t wait to see Felix and him interact!

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